Back to school like never before

Social distancing, half full classrooms, masks, sanitary gel, no lunch service, one-way entries and exits… this is back to school, for some at least, in the new reality.
Monday 11th May saw the reopening of the Principality’s high schools, with students, teachers and administrators taking baby steps to slide back into a semblance of normal academic life after the eight week forced hiatus brought on by the health crisis.
After explaining last Thursday how this rentrée would work, Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario and Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education for Youth and Sports, were on hand at Lycée Albert I along with Minister of State Serge Telle, to witness in person the first day back.

On Tuesday 12th, it was a portion of the primary schools’ pupils turn. Those attending middle school resume classes on the 18th May, along with 6eme and 3eme students. Finally, on the 25th May, the remaining classes, CP and CM2 will have their shot.
France’s schools began reopening yesterday, as well, and much like in Monaco, parents were torn about whether to send their children back to school or not. The schools are thoroughly sanitising toys, desks and public spaces, but the idea of enforcing the endless hand washing and distance between children, especially nursery age ones who will be eager to have playmates once again, seems pi in the sky to many parents.

Some educators in France agree and are deciding not to reopen schools full stop for the time being.
In any case, it may not even be possible for many kids to go back, as the limited class sizes mean that only a small number of students can be accommodated.