Banksy and Invader among the big names at Artcurial’s upcoming urban art auction

A week before the Urban Art Fair in Paris this April, Artcurial will host a vibrant urban art sale of its own in the City of Light. Here’s what to expect from the event. 

Urban art – street art to some – is defined as “artwork that is created in a public space, typically without official permission”.  

Growing out of the politically motivated 1960s graffiti movement, this rebellious visual art form has evolved with the times to become a genre all of its own – one that is highly prized among collectors and connoisseurs the world over. 

In late April, the Carreau du Temple in Paris will be hosting a major street art event, the 8th Urban Art Fair, but fans of the genre will also get an opportunity to snap up some very special pieces a week before at the upcoming Urban Project sale that is being organised by Artcurial Paris. 

Set to take place on 17th April and with acclaimed auctioneer Arnuad Oliveux at the helm, the Artcurial auction will feature works by some of the most celebrated street artists of our time, such as Banksy, Futura 2000, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, Vhils and André.  


The French urban art scene will be well-represented at the sale, notably through works by Invader, who has been filling city walls and open spaces with colour since 1996. Up for grabs at the auction will be Rubik Killers, a collection of 441 Rubik’s Cubes on plexiglass, which is expected to fetch between €150,000 and €200,000.  

Invader’s Rubik Killers, 2009. Photo credit: Artcurial

Also on the block will be a mosaic by French street art legend Alias PA_810, which is estimated to sell for €60,000 to €80,000.  


Old school graffiti will also feature in the sales, primarily from American artists. One such acrylic and spray paint work by Futura 2000 from 1987 is thought be worth between €50,000 to €70,000.  

There will also be a large canvas by JonOne from 1991 that was made during the Hôpital Éphémère period. Estimates for this piece range from €70,000 to €90,000.  


Works from artists like Shepard Fairey, Vhils, KAWS, Barry McGee, ROA, EVOL and Todd James will be going under the gavel too, but the biggest sales are expected from Banksy.  

His 2017 Grappling Hook, a wood, shellac, acrylic, aluminum, polyurethane, synthetic hemp rope and steel work could fetch in the vicinity of €100,000 to €150,000.  

Banksy’s Grappling Hook, 2017. Photo credit: Artcurial

For more information about the event, click here.


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Images courtesy of Artcurial Paris