Basketball round-up: AS Monaco’s resilience and Loyd’s leadership propel team to success

In an exhilarating week of basketball, AS Monaco has emerged as a team demonstrating exceptional resilience and tactical skills. The spotlight shone brightly on Jordan Lloyd, whose stellar performances steered AS Monaco through challenging confrontations in both the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and Betclic Elite.

In a gripping French game, AS Monaco (5-2) locked horns with LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne (1-6) in Round 7 of the 2023-24 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season on 10th November at Salle Gaston Medecine. AS Monaco executed a remarkable turnaround, overcoming a significant deficit to seal a victory with an 80-70 scoreline. This win marked AS Monaco’s fifth consecutive triumph, a testament to their endurance and strategic insight.

Alpha Diallo was a significant catalyst in this victory, contributing 21 points and clinching 9 rebounds. His performance was complemented by Elie Okobo and Mike James, who scored 16 and 15 points, respectively.

Betclic Elite: Lloyd’s dominance

Returning to the Betclic Elite, Monaco faced Nanterre 92, on 12th November at Salle Gaston Medecine, in a match that saw them secure a 91-82 win, thanks largely to Jordan Lloyd’s exceptional play. Loyd amassed 29 points, showcasing his scoring ability and leadership on the court. This victory was a critical rebound after their previous week’s defeat in Nancy, signalling AS Monaco’s robust competitive spirit.

Post-game reflections offered deeper insights into the team’s mindset and strategy. Mouhammadou Jaiteh, the pivot player of AS Monaco, emphasised the team’s self-awareness and continuous growth, stating, “We continue to move forward. Our greatest adversary is ourselves.” He highlighted the need for consistency and adaptability, irrespective of the opponent.

Coach Sasa Obradovic praised Jordan Lloyd’s recent performances, attributing them to a focused effort to enhance his game. “The last couple of days I was focusing on bringing back Jordan to stronger levels,” Sasa remarked. He also stressed the importance of understanding the larger strategy, “You have to see the big picture. Always think about how one can help the team”, he told Monaco Life.

A week of strategic mastery and individual brilliance

The team has demonstrated an ability to adapt and overcome challenges. As they continue their journey, AS Monaco’s blend of tactical intelligence and individual talent will be key to their ongoing success in professional basketball.


Photo by Monaco Life