Beefbar New York takes the Big Apple by storm

Beefbar, the famous Monaco steakhouse brand, has opened its first American branch in New York City’s iconic Tribeca district.

When Riccardo Giraudi first opened Beefbar in Fontvieille in 2005, little did he know that he was on his way to building a global empire. Nearly two decades later, his brand has grown exponentially, with Beefbar restaurants now present in dozens of glamourous locations all around the world, including Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico and Sao Paulo. 

The one place that Giraudi hadn’t expanded to was the US, but that has changed with the launch of a sophisticated and elegant Beefbar in the restaurant space that was once occupied by the original Nobu on 26th March.  


Beefbar has brought its carefully developed menu to the New York location and the US carte feature such “internationally inspired” treats as a Croque Sando, a Beefbar classic sandwich featuring ribeye beef, prosciutto ham and mozzarella smothered in the restaurant’s signature sauce, and the innovative Shiso beef tartare, a mouth-watering combination of Wagyu beef tartare and shiso leaf tempura with a miso-yuzu dressing. 

The signature Croque Sando. Photo credit: Francis Amiand

“My family has been exporting quality beef from the United States to Europe for over 40 years, and Beefbar was created 20 years ago to showcase the incredible products that American producers could produce,” said Giraudi. “Bringing the brand back to the roots of its products is a huge honour. I hope New York enjoys all the great recipes we’ve developed over the years.”


The designers of the project, Monaco-based architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, have a long-held connection with Giraudi and Beefbar, and brought their eclectic approach to colour and texture to the new address by blending an urban chic aesthetic with Art Deco elements. 

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Photo credit: Francis Amiand