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Bella’s guide to seasonal bargain shopping

Bella’s guide to seasonal bargain shopping

By Isabella Marino - January 11, 2021

The end-of-season sales is definitely my favourite time of the year. I love shopping for beautiful designer items, but I consider myself a real bargain shopper.

After finding the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone else, it is time to put yourself first.

If you love shopping as much as I do, you don’t have to cut shopping out of your life. The trick is to buy smart, timeless pieces with great quality instead of wasting money on useless items during the year. It is all about timing and spotting ‘the pearl’.

The ecosystem is also a very important factor for the fashion industry. Sustainability has recently become a significant new driver in consumers’ purchasing decisions. A drop in demand caused by travel restrictions across the world, store closures and national lockdowns have led to excess inventory. Destroying unsold stock is a widely used but rarely discussed technique that luxury companies perform to maintain the scarcity of their goods and the exclusivity of their brand image. But incineration has some very negative consequences. Burning clothes releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which exacerbates global warming. Incineration of clothes made from synthetic fibres may also release plastic microfibers into the atmosphere.

But after receiving a lot of media criticism, some brands have stopped the practice and are now selling part of the unsold inventory in outlets or discounted in stores during the official sales period.

Most of my favourite brands are offering sales on autumn/winter merchandise and I have selected for you a mix of the best designer items which are on sale right now, as well as high street bargains.

Sales items on display can look messy sometimes, so I have found some amazing pieces for you. But hurry up, they’re selling out fast!

And remember, just because it is marked down doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain. You need to be aware of what the item usually costs, and buying something that you don’t really need is never a bargain, no matter how discounted the price is.




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