Births, deaths and marriages of 2019

Half of all children born in Monaco in 2019 were born in wedlock, while the most popular names for newborns included Charlotte and Raphaël. These are just some of last year’s trends revealed by the Monaco City Council in the latest the civil status figures.  
The Civil Status – Nationality Service has been recording the births, deaths and marriages of Monegasque citizens since the 16th century.
In 2019, it recorded 939 births in the Principality and all took place at the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) Maternity Centre. 472 births came from marital unions, while 467 children were born out of wedlock. In all, 265 families were domiciled in Monaco, compared to 674 parents who lived outside the Principality, mostly in the communes of Menton (217), Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (86 ) and Beausoleil (115).
The top five most popular names for newborns in 2019 were Charlotte, Valentina, Jade, Victoria and Mila for girls; Léo, Gabriel, Raphaël, Mattéo and Louis for boys.
Meanwhile, over 87% of deaths last year occurred in hospitals (84%) or clinics (5%). Among the deceased, 261 were domiciled in Monaco and 263 in the neighboring municipalities.
With regards to weddings and divorces, there were 202 marriages recorded in the Principality in 2019, compared to 183 in 2018. Three marriages united two people of Monegasque nationality; 43 Monegasque men married a woman of foreign nationality; and 49 Monegasque women chose to marry a foreign husband.
The number of divorces dropped slightly, with 70 divorces recorded in 2019 compared to 78 in 2018, all nationalities combined.