Blitz marks 10th edition milestone

Blitz, the hugely popular manga produced in Monaco, has reached a milestone with volume 10 set to hit the market on 8th June and an Italian version on the way. 

Just three years after the launch of the first edition of Blitz in 2020, Shibuya Productions is boasting the release of the 10th edition in the series this June.

The book is clearly making its mark in the manga landscape, fitting in the DNA of the current Shônen whose main features are the length – mid-long series from 20 to 40 volumes, the rhythm of the publication, the friendship and the development of all the characters.

“This 10th volume can be considered as the end of the first narrative arc of the series,” says Monaco-based Shibuya Productions. “Our heroes have reached the end of their initiating trip. Over the course of the volumes, they have grown, matured, and developed skills that they will be able to put into practice on a larger scale by confronting the world. Will they be able to qualify for the finals of the Monaco Chess Grand Prix, the great chess tournament organised at the Monte-Carlo Casino by the legend Garry Kasparov?”

To celebrate the release of volume 10, Shibuya Productions CEO Cédric Biscay will meet the public for a conference and signing session at the Le Dojo bookshop in Nice on 3rd June, a signing session at FNAC in Monaco on 10th June, a conference and signing session at Geek Unchained convention in Mulhouse on 17thJune, and a round-table debate and signing session at FNAC Bercy in Paris on 24th June.

Volume 10 of Blitz has also been selected again for the FNAC national event Japan Mania.

Meanwhile, the rights for an Italian adaptation have just been signed between Shibuya Productions and Piretti Editore, the publisher of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Italy. Blitz will be available on the Italian market from 2nd July, with the release of a volume every two months to catch up with the French publication.

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