Blue Coast Brewing Company launches new burger range and beer pong tournaments

Just in time for the Six Nations Championship, the Blue Coast Brewing Company in Nice has announced a brand-new burger menu to accompany its taproom beverages as well as a monthly beer pong tournament that will begin this Friday. 

The French Riviera micro-brewery, which was launched in 2017 by a collection of avid brewers, sports stars and celebrities, is branching out with a range of gourmet burgers that will be served on-site at the taproom on Chemin de Saquier in Nice. 

The kitchen will be open from Friday 2nd February, a date that marks the start of the 2024 Six Nations Championship, with a game between Ireland and France due to begin at 9pm. 

The same day, and on the first Friday of every month going forwards, the Blue Coast Brewing Company will host its first beer pong tournament. 

Beer pong, for the uninitiated, is a game where players aim to land table tennis balls in a cup of beer located on their opponent’s side of a table. If a ball makes its way into a cup, the person next to the cup must drink its contents.  

It costs €6.50 to sign up for the tournament, which will kick off at 7.30pm. The prize is a free metre of the Blue Coast Brewing Company’s award-winning artisanal beer! 

Click here for more information. 


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Photo source: Blue Coast Brewing Company, Facebook