Book your tickets: AMLA Gala to transport guests to mystical Bolivia

The Association Monegasque for Latin America is hosting its annual gala at the Yacht Club of Monaco in September and it will be a spectacular showcase of everything that exotic Bolivia has to offer.

The Association Monegasque for Latin America (AMLA) is teaming up with No Finish Line International for a big night that the organisers are calling two nights in one. The Mystical Bolivia Gala 2022, being held at the Yacht Club of Monaco on 17th September, is introducing Bolivia to attendees whilst also introducing the exporting of No Finish Line Monaco to the South American country.

The night will be filled with authentic experiences involving renowned chefs, artists, musicians, cinema stars and fashion designers to show all the wonders Bolivia has to offer.

The gala will start with a welcome gathering on the Sunset Deck starting at 7pm where guests can enjoy watching chefs cook live, cocktails, painting, an art auction, traditional dance performances, a tombola, and music by Bebe Aponte. Additionally, No Finish Line’s first ever event in the cosmopolitan Bolivian hub of Santa Cruz will be introduced with 2023 being the inaugural year.

At 8:30pm, the crowd moves to the Gala Fusion Dinner Party where the two organisations will make short presentations and show a video about Bolivia followed by introductions to the chefs, a fashion show by Ropsita Hurtado, Deanna Canedo Patiño, Las Diablas and Miss Bolivia 2021 Nahemi Uequin, and guitar music by Piral Vaca. The awards ceremony and announcement of tombola winners comes next with Bolivian actor and singer Milton Cortez performing live as well as the ancestral dance show by ACF. The jam-packed night will continue into the wee hours with music and dancing with Bonny Lovy and Matamba.

The Mystical Bolivia Gala will benefit the Public Women’s Hospital in Santa Cruz as well as efforts being made to diagnose congenital chagas in newborns from infected mothers. The disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which is transmitted to animals and people by insects and is found only in the Americas, mainly in rural areas of Latin America where poverty is widespread. If left untreated, chagas can be deadly.

 AMLA is a non-governmental humanitarian organisation based in the Principality. Its main goal is to build a community where members and any interested parties can build alliances and explore synergistic ideas.

Aside from the gala, they also organise workshops, conferences and musical shows that boast “authentic entertainment, state of the art production and exquisite occupancy”.

Tickets for the Mystical Bolivia Gala are available via email at or through the event’s website on