Bountiful snowfall has ski resorts in the Southern Alps rejoicing

While it rained, rained and rained some more on the coast over the weekend, the vibe couldn’t have been more different in the mountains of the region. Snow fell thick and heavy to the joy of ski resorts and holidaymakers who now look set to enjoy a week of incredible conditions. 

Beginning on Saturday 2nd and continuing all throughout Sunday 3rd March, the mountains of the south of France have been graced with a welcome dump of soft and fluffy snow of up to 80cm in some areas. 

Though road access to resorts in the east of the region, particularly the route to Isola 2000, was complicated – simply impossible in some cases – the majority of the snow, fallen trees and landslides had been cleared away by Monday 4th March to allow families and winter sports fans looking to get away during the second week of the holidays to reach their holiday destinations.  

The substantial snowfall also caused numerous pistes to be closed in the interests of safety, but staff in all local resorts worked throughout the night on Sunday to ensure that as many runs as possible could be opened.

Certain resorts, particularly those in the Mercantour, have been more affected than others by the heavy snow and were offering discounted passes at the start of the week, such as in Isola 2000, where a full day pass cost just €12.30 on Monday 4th March, and in Auron, which decided to offer skiers and snowboarders 50% off daily forfaits.  

Avalanche risks remain elevated across the region and those staying in ski resorts in the Alpes du Sud over the weekend would have become well-accustomed to hearing detonations from high up in the mountains.

By the morning of Monday 4th March, clear skies and sunshine had arrived to provide the set-up for near-perfect conditions on the slopes. Another dusting of fresh powder is due on Tuesday 5th March and then again at the end of the week. Temperatures are forecast to remain favourable to the integrity of the snowpack, meaning that an excellent weekend of skiing is to be had in the south!  

Check out our reel of the conditions in the Val d’Allos Espace Lumière resort over the last few days: 


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Photo by Monaco Life