Breast Cancer Awareness: Houda Bakkali’s latest digital artwork honours the strength and resilience of women

houda bakkali

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated every October, digital artist Houda Bakkali has unveiled her latest creation, ‘Art for Health’. This remarkable artwork combines digital illustration, motion graphics and augmented reality to honour the strength and resilience of women and families affected by breast cancer.  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual reminder of the battles fought by countless women and their families. It’s a time to stand together in solidarity; a message that has resonated with Moroccan-Spanish artist Houda Bakkali, who has previously exhibited her unique style of art at exhibitions in the Principality of Monaco, and inspired her latest creation. 

‘Art for Health’ blends technology, colour and a deep-rooted appreciation for the strength of women – a key theme in Bakkali’s art, as she told Monaco Life in an interview in 2021 – but beyond its artistic merits, the piece underscores the immense potential of art and new technologies in circulating vital health content.  

This digital masterpiece showcases the capacity of art to transcend its aesthetic boundaries and carry a profound message. Through a fusion of various artistic mediums, it captures the essence of a global community united in the face of adversity. 

Art and new technologies: the perfect tools for disseminating health content

At the heart of Bakkali’s artwork is augmented reality, a dynamic tool that has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with art. By layering the physical world with digital information, augmented reality brings an added layer of depth and interactivity to the artistic experience. 

In ‘Art for Health’, it becomes a bridge connecting the audience to the emotional core of breast cancer awareness, making the artwork not just something to admire, but also a journey to embark upon. 

“With this artwork based on digital illustration, motion graphics and augmented reality, I seek to raise awareness about breast cancer, honouring all women, families and doctors… I put the focus on art and new technologies as the perfect tools for disseminating health content. Art and new technologies help us to promote information, prevention and early diagnosis too, and they are a perfect tool to spread a hopeful vision about this illness,” says Bakkali.  

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Photo credit: Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department