Bridging cultures: Takreem Foundation’s fundraising gala to raise money for vulnerable children

The Takreem Foundation, founded by Ricardo Karam to bridge the East and the West, is bringing its fundraising gala to Monaco under the high patronage of Prince Albert II. 

The Takreem Foundation was established in 2010 by Ricardo Karam to modify the image of the Arab world through the lens of notable achievements by remarkable individuals. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded around 100 honourees from most Arab countries, including the famous architect, artist and designer Zaha Hadid, Princess Ghida Tala of Jordan, and Nabil Nahas, a renowned Lebanese artist and painter, to name a few.

Ricardo Karam is a talk show host turned author, screenwriter and creative director, who founded Takreem as a gateway to Arab culture and to promote new role models for the younger generation. Recognising the importance of providing role models for young people seeking inspiration, I founded a sustainable platform aimed at motivating and empowering individuals,” Karam told Monaco Life.

A brighter future

The highlight of the Foundations calendar is an awards ceremony that is hosted in a different city every year. Last years award ceremony took place in Oman in West Asia.

The awards ceremony is a weekend-long affair with over 500 attendees gathering to connect with their roots and the Takreem community.

We strive to foster connections and collaborations, uniting individuals to address pressing challenges and pave the way for a brighter future,” explained Karam.

The laureates, who are required to come from Arab countries, go through a selection process where they must meet certain criteria in a two-stage process. Our selection process is characterised by transparency, professionalism, and impartiality,” revealed Karam.

There are nine categories for which the laureates can be chosen, from entrepreneurship to civil services and technological advancements. To maintain the suspense, the names of the selected laureates will not be revealed until the ceremony.

The Takreem Foundation gala

Annual initiatives

Every year, Takreem’s focus shifts to addressing urgent societal issues, with donations from the fundraisers going towards the years chosen cause. In 2022, the efforts were directed at supporting Lebanese students in the United States and Europe by providing scholarships and covering living expenses. Previous fundraising gala dinners have taken place in cities like Paris, Geneva, and London, with last year’s gala dinner aiding Lebanese artists.

The mission this year is to support vulnerable children by supplying medical care. It is a concerted effort, says Karim, to catalyse lasting positive change in the Arab community globally”.

The Monaco gala

This year, the fundraising gala dinner ‘Art for a Cause’ is coming to the Hôtel de Paris on 9th May, promising an evening of culture and charity with international artists auctioning their artworks in support of their cause. All contributions will be directed to the provision of medical care to vulnerable children. As Ricardo Karam explained, Monaco was chosen as this years destination because Monaco complements Takreem’s aspirations by providing a prestigious platform to showcase Arab excellence and promote cultural exchange.”

Together, we boldly declare no to war and yes to peace; no to dark tunnels and yes to light, hope, dream, and love,” concluded Karam.

For more information and tickets to the gala, click here: Takreem | A better image of the Arab world.

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Photo credits: Supplied

This article was originally published on April 25th 2024.