Brighter, faster and more powerful

The Principality now has a new, easily identifiable way to locate electric vehicle recharging stations, introducing bright yellow ‘Monaco On’ recharging points that are also faster and more powerful.

Due to higher demand, the government of Monaco is gradually replacing randomly-placed self-service outlets with electric vehicle service stations in public car parks and on the road, grouping together several terminals as a way to make them more readily recognisable to users.

The new outlets will be faster and more powerful, in response to the latest breed of electric and hybrid vehicle’s needs. They have always been free to use, only now, they will be more clearly recognisable and efficient.

The Casino, Grimaldi Forum and Portier car parks are already equipped and the Fontvieille Shopping Centre is next on the list. A total of 91 fast charging stations are installed or in the process of being installed. 71 of them are 7kva stations and 20 are 22kva stations. On the road, nine sites are on offer. There are 11 fast charging stations, seven semi-fast charging stations and four slow charging stations currently online.

There will be more stations rolling out in the next few weeks and they will mostly be found in high-traffic areas such as shopping areas or attractions. To coordinate and unify, the on-street terminals will soon be dressed in yellow like those in the car parks, making them amply visible to motorists.

“Ecological vehicles should be favoured in an urban space such as ours. It is in this perspective that the government is now developing an ever larger and more efficient network of charging stations, which are gradually being revamped in order to be noticed more easily, thanks to the Monaco On brand,” said Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

It marks the next step in the government’s ongoing policy to support the use of electromobility in the Principality. Policies to this effect have been in place since 1994 and include such benefits as reductions in prices of annual public parking subscriptions, free street parking and no annual registration fees. There are almost 1,000 free charging points around the city, and no resident is more than 300 metres from one of these stations.

Photo from left to right: Gilles Manera of the Public Parkings Service, Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Director of the Mission for the Energy Transition Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, and Director of Urban Planning Jean-Luc Puyo © Communication Department / Stéphane Danna