Call to unite for Prince Albert II’s 66th birthday at Palace square

Monaco is preparing for a grand celebration on Thursday at the Place du Palais, with the community called upon to come together in support of Prince Albert II on his birthday.

Monaco is set to host the community gathering in honour of Prince Albert on his 66th birthday on Thursday 14th March at 11am on the Place du Palais. The event is a chance for residents, citizens, and friends of the Principality to come together in a show of support for their Sovereign.

Organised by National Councillor Franck Lobono and promoted through his social media, the gathering aims to be a patriotic event that is beyond political lines. Lobono describes it as a gesture of unity, inviting “residents, Monegasques, or simply locals who would like to demonstrate their wholehearted support for the Prince.”

The initiative also reflects the community’s appreciation for Prince Albert’s dedication to Monaco and his presence at local events.

Everyone is welcome to join in.

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Photo credit: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace