Captain’Game: the orienteering course around the Fontvieille port

fontvieille game

Did you know that only 50 years ago, Fontvieille was a narrow strip of land where the cliffs of the Rocher met the sea? Discover the biodiversity and history of the area with this fun family activity: Captain’Game. 

Fontvieille is an interesting part of the Monaco landscape. It’s tied to the economic development of the Principality, but is also a fascinating geological site will lots of secrets to share.  

Captain’Game leads participants on a 2.5 kilometre route around the port, ticking off 10 important milestones made of recycled plastic as you pass. Each has a fact to share: simply read the question and punch in your guess to discover the answer.  

The trail will teach you everything from the function of Monaco’s many biohuts to information about protected marine reserves, its history of land reclamation, the coralligenous rocks of the famous Rocher and the fish that live in the area.  

The Captain’Game is a joint project between the Maritime Affairs Department, the Environmental Department, the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco and Ecocéan. It will run until 2027, giving you plenty to time to try it out and better your score each time.  

For more information on how to play, please click here


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Photo source: Anthony Delanoix for Unsplash