Carabinier concert for charity

The Prince’s Carabiniers Orchestra will be holding a jazz concert Wednesday night and during Fête de la Musique to benefit two local charities.
Get set for an evening of fantastic jazz when the Prince’s Carabiniers Orchestra play on the roof terrace of the Lycée Albert 1er on Wednesday 9th June at 7pm, with all proceeds going to local charitable organisations Monaco Disease Power and Monaco Humanitarian Aid.
The concert will not only provide entertainment but will have a two-fold purpose as well. Firstly, it will allow student members of the H2O Humanitarian Club from the lycée to carry out the actions they have been striving toward all year, namely the integration of those at the school with disabilities.
Several other activities were carried out throughout the school year to benefit the two charities, and this final concert will give them the ability to donate sums to help improve the daily lives of disabled people in the area.
Additionally, the concert will allow the Corps of the Prince’s Carabiniers, currently in a recruitment phase, to introduce themselves and the opportunities that life in the corps can offer to post-baccalaureate students as a career path.
This concert will be the first of three this year, the other two being a performance during the Fete de la Musique on 19th June and another at the Universal Expo in Dubai on 13th November.
Entry is free for the concert at the lycée, but reservations are required. To get a seat, email or go directly to the Lycée Albert-Ier.