Carlo app offering QR code contactless payment

Local start-up Carlo, the app that rewards customers each time they use it at participating shops, has gone the extra mile and is now offering contactless payment using QR code technology.

The Carlo application, being used by over 100 stores in the Principality, is the first mobile payment application that rewards users for their contribution to the local economy.

Monaco-based, the company aims to be innovators for local commerce and payment sectors. Now, users can also use it to pay for goods and services using CarloPay.

CarloPay is a simple method of payment requiring only a smartphone, eliminating the need for cash or cards. To get started, users need only link their bank card to their Carlo profile. The payments are secure, as a PIN code or fingerprint from the smartphone owner is required for each purchase, and each payment is processed by French payment company Lemonway, who have been approved by the ACPR-Banque de France.

Carlo rewards its users each time they use the app at partner stores in Monaco. By scanning the QR code in a shop, the users automatically gets 5% cash back on their “virtual wallet”. Customers can accumulate cashback funds to spend at other shops in the network.

It is also a helpful tool to keep track of spending, as the app categorises purchases, showing what is being spent on food, clothing, entertainment and the like.

The Prince’s Government asked Carlo to contribute to the recovery plan and the revitalisation of Monegasque businesses during the health and economic crisis. In order to continue to reward public service employees in a context of budget deficit, the Government decided to set up digital gift vouchers through the app. These gift vouchers can be spent in a large network of shops in the Principality, thus giving a boost to local traders and generating VAT for the state as part of the #ExtendedMonaco projects and the #RelanceEconomique.

Users of the app have nearly tripled in the past year and the number of merchants participating has almost quadrupled.

Antoine Bahri, Founder of Carlo, said is proud to be contributing to Monaco’s economy, especially in these difficult times: “We are truly honoured to have been considered and called upon for this operation. We are doing everything to make this project sustainable and have an impact on Monegasque retailing in the long term.”

 Carlo has plans to expand to other European cities in the coming years.