Carrefour signs up to Energy Transition Pact

Carrefour Monaco, now under new management, is modernising to make the supermarket energy efficient. To prove its commitment, the store has signed Monaco’s Energy Transition Pact.

Carrefour Monaco is undergoing many changes these days, not least of which involve a new philosophy toward ethics and the environment. With the recent arrival of Rémi Feipeler as Store Director, the supermarket is being imbued with a new sense of responsibility in how and what they purchase, as well as having an eye on making changes that will cut waste and energy consumption.  

Amongst the changes being put in place are a new cold storage system which operates on CO2 not freon, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting energy use by 25%. The store is also cutting plastic use by offering more bulk foods choices and eco-responsible packaging, whilst also sorting plastics and cardboard for recycling. Additionally, the store will be lit 100% by low-energy using LED lighting. Finally, Carrefour’s delivery service will now be made using an electric vehicle, further lessening their carbon footprint.

Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the MTE, praised Carrefour Monaco saying that they “count on the store to continue to change the purchasing habits of consumers who live and come to work in the Principality.”

All 300 of Carrefour Monaco’s employees will be made aware of the pact and will be instructed to assist in making the energy transition.
PHOTO: Rémi Feipeler for Carrefour Monaco, next to Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux / © Michael Alesi/ Communication Dept