Carrefour workers to strike this weekend

Carrefour Monaco employees will stage a strike this Saturday amidst the busy Easter weekend. They’re demanding a “Covid bonus” for working in one of the few sectors that hasn’t closed during the crisis, despite the health risks.
Information on the strike is being distributed to Carrefour customers outside the Fontvielle store, informing them of the 24-hour strike on Saturday 3rd April.
“Since the start of the health crisis, Carrefour Monaco employees have been more present than ever to keep the store open to customers,” reads the leaflet by the Syndicat du Commerce de Monaco (Monaco Trade Union). “They took risks and many of them contracted the virus. The work of the employees has enabled Carrefour to achieve a record turnover, not equalled in 20 years.”
Meanwhile, according to the Monaco Trade Union, the number of employees has fallen by 29 over the space of two years, “considerably increasing the workload for those present, contrary to their salary”.
The workers are demanding a “Covid bonus” of €1,000 euros per employee. They are also calling on management to stop all restructuring projects aimed at further reducing staff numbers.
The strike is expected to lead to delays in restocking and checkout.
Photo of Carrefour workers handing out information leaflets at the Fontvielle store, by the Syndicat du Commerce de Monaco