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Stéphane Valeri

Stéphane Valeri at the helm of SBM: “Our future will live up to our brilliant past”

Stéphane Valeri, the new head of Monte-Carlo SBM, has laid out his roadmap for Monaco’s largest, most important company, saying he wants to go global and expand locally.

Why are motorists in France paying more at the pump than the rest of the EU?

Petrol prices in France are still significantly higher than other EU countries. We explain why driver's in the country continue to pay more at the pump.

Monaco’s budget surplus quadruples to reach €32.2 million in 2022

The latest public finance report by IMSEE shows that Monaco recorded a budget surplus of over €32 million in 2022, four times the previous year, thanks largely to the government’s real estate...

NAMA Enterprise moves to Monaco to enhance presence in global commodity market

NAMA Enterprise has moved its operations to Monaco as part of its strategic expansion plans, aiming to strengthen its relationships with clients in the global commodity market.

monaco news

Monaco news round-up

Monaco Life rounds up the latest news and announcements from the Monegasque government and local entities, from environmental discussions and food security to a new ambassador to China.  

Business of Luxury Summit

Monaco to host Financial Times’ Business of Luxury Summit

The Principality of Monaco: a place where the worlds of luxury and business meet seamlessly. So where better for the Financial Times to hold its annual Business of Luxury Summit?