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Manuel de Vasconcelos: “I would not have changed this life for anything”

“When I was a kid I wanted to work in diplomacy because I wanted to travel and meet people. Then the universities went on strike during the Portuguese revolution, so I entered into hotels. I would...

Mush Foods founder Shalom Daniel: “Eat the meat you like, just cut it by half”

In the global race to find sustainable eating solutions, the food tech industry is exploding with innovative alternatives. Among them is Mush Foods, a start-up that plans to revolutionise how we eat...

Exclusive interview: Daniele Marzocco on building Monaco’s landmark skyscrapers

When completed, Bay House apartments in the new Testimonio II development will be among the most expensive properties in the world. But, as Daniele Marzocco explained to Monaco Life, it is the...

Luxury travel pioneer Geoffrey Kent: “I always try everything first”

“Do you follow my Instagram?” asks Geoffrey when I inquire about his trip to the Northwest Passage. “Of course,” I respond. It is filled with pics of a life lived to the absolute fullest. It...

Interview: From UFC to UFOs with Georges Saint-Pierre

Mixed Martial Arts legend Georges Saint-Pierre speaks to Monaco Life about his entry into the fighting world, the evolution of his sport and his interest in UFOs.

Interview: Artist Ghizlan El Glaoui

In an effort to step out of the shadow of her famous father, Ghizlan El Glaoui created a new style of art using backlight to give life to her portraits. Now, she's taking that concept to the seas.