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Covid latest: New cases down, hospitalisations up

The battle with Covid continues, with this week’s numbers showing fewer positive cases and a lower incidence rate, but slightly more patients being cared for in hospital.

Spider-Man caught in the web – the perils of digital addiction

As popular British actor Tom Holland announces he is taking a break from social media for the sake of his mental health, psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe looks at the impacts of social media dependency.

Covid latest: Health situation stabilises in region

Covid-19 has lessened its grip on Monaco and the entire region, with weekly numbers continuing a downward slide. Here are the latest figures from the health department.

Film, fashion and finance band together for Celebrating Life

A new company creating global events and experiences uniting business, entertainment, fashion, finance, music and sport has been launched in upscale Santa Barbara, California.

Princess Charlene’s water mission is taken to northern France

The Princess Charlene Foundation's mission continues in the north of France, where teams are helping to teach beach-loving tourists the skills that could one day save their lives.

France introduces strict wine labelling rules at bars, restaurants

Bars and restaurants in France must now indicate the origin of the wines they offer to consumers, whether by the glass, pichet or bottle. Failure to do so will attract a hefty fine.