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polluted air

98% of Europeans breathing toxic polluted air, says terrifying new study

Almost every single person living in Europe, home to nearly 750 million people, is breathing in dangerously polluted air, according to a new study, and it could spell disaster for our health.  

monaco vide grenier

Everything you need to know about Monaco’s upcoming “vide grenier” for children

At the end of this month, a “vide grenier” dedicated to second-hand children’s clothes and toys will be held at the Parc Princesse Antoinette. Here’s all the information.

world clean up day

World Clean Up Day: Monaco needs you! 

Monaco's town hall and the new eco-restaurant Conscientiae are on a mission to clean up the streets of the Principality. Here’s how you get can involved.  

Société des Explorations de Monaco welcomes Xavier Prache as new director

The Société des Explorations de Monaco has said a fond farewell to outgoing boss Gilles Bessero and welcomed in its new leader, Xavier Prache. 

How to take part in the Prince Albert II Foundation’s Environmental Photography Awards

Amateur and professional photographers alike can now register for the annual Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Environmental Photography Awards.

monaco tunnel

New energy-efficient tunnel lighting project continues in Monaco

The first stage of a project to replace outdated lighting systems in Monaco is nearing completion under The Rock, but Phase Two is about to begin on Boulevard du Ténao.