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Arctic in crisis: Monaco receives world experts for scholarly talks

The challenges facing the Arctic reach far beyond its icy shores, and a meeting of the world’s leading experts in Monaco has laid the groundworks to increase awareness and action at all levels of...

An “Oceano for All”: school projects in line for €5,000 prize

Monaco’s Oceanographic Institute initiative to promote ocean protection has rallied 600 schoolchildren around the world with a competition to launch awareness projects. The winning concepts are in...

Rise in ocean temperature levels causing dire consequences

In 2022, ocean temperatures around the world were the warmest ever recorded, according to the latest studies by an international team of scientists, a trend that will have serious repercussions on...

Half of world’s glaciers predicted to disappear by 2100

A new study published in the Science journal reveals that half of the planet’s glaciers will be gone by 2100, even if the world manages to control rising temperatures.

Strict limits on trade of endangered plants and animals backed by Monaco

Monaco, with its enduring passion for biodiversity conservation, has given its full support to a range of stringent new restrictions on the trade of endangered fauna and flora agreed at COP19 CITES.