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‘Aurora’ lights up Port Hercule in celebration of Pelagos Sanctuary

The artwork is accompanied by information panels explaining to visitors of Monaco's Christmas Village the purpose of the Pelagos Sanctuary and how children can get involved.

Monegasque schoolchildren join in with the CSM’s six-year coral protection study

When 10 CM2 classes from the Principality headed back to school in September, there was a new subject on the curriculum: the Mediterranean Sea’s precious red coral.

Rising global temperatures threatening the future of Europe’s ski industry

More than half of Europe’s ski resorts will regularly experience winters with “scarce snow” if global temperatures rise above the 2C mark.

nice airport extension

Court of Appeal demands new environmental impact study into Nice Airport extension

Works will be allowed to continue at the airport until the results of the new study are in at the end next year.

monk seal alliance

The Med Fund to back more marine protected areas in the Mediterranean

The environmental trust fund is looking to grow its network of MPA and has put out a call for applications from countries in the eastern and southern reaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing into a sustainable future: OceanoScientific’s ‘Love the Ocean’ sets sail for next major expedition

‘Love the Ocean’ is embarking on a coral reefs expedition that will span seven years until 2030.