CDI tells youth that there are jobs to be had

Young job seekers in Monaco have been assured that there are plenty of opportunities to be had in the Principality despite the health crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made for frightening times for young people who are just making a start to their professional careers. Muriel Bubbio, Head of Mission at the Commission for the Integration of Graduates (CID), wants to assure young people her organisation is available for those who are active and sincere in their quest to find work in their chosen fields in the Principality.

Speaking to the government channel Monaco Info, Bubbio explained that since the start of the crisis, the people who have come to her “have been particularly worried and have been asking questions that if they take the courses, will they be able to find a job. But the majority of worry is about internships and work-study.

“The young graduates are much more worried about the process of what schools to choose, concern about passing the Bac and, of course, our role is in the commissioning of graduates to enable young people to make good choices in relation to the sectors of employment in the Principality.” 

Traditionally, CID has helped graduates find careers in finance, teaching, the police department, the medical field, hospitality, yachting recruitment or administration. These options are still wide open, even during the crisis, with plenty of opportunity available to those newly in the job market.

They assist the graduates through various methods, partly as guides and partly to help them learn how to look for work, something many have never had to do before.

“We are really into coaching,” Bubbio asserts. “We are very careful. We are very attentive and we listen to them. Sometimes we are the only resource they have left.”

When asked about the programme’s accomplishments, she says that “I am extremely enthusiastic on one side that this is an essential service, and then at the same time, with the numbers that we have had in 2020…it is an enormous rise of more than 40% of young people who have followed on the last year…I admit that I am very sorry for these kids who have more and more need to see support, a well-guided helper. At this period of their lives, they need someone who has extra enthusiasm for them.”

This support is exactly what CID is best at doing.

The CID’s executive unit is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. This commission aims to promote the integration of Monegasque graduates or graduates with ties to the Principality into the local economy.

Photo by Michael Alesi / Government Communication Department