Monaco doctor launches innovative Mata AI chatbot for radiologists

mata chatbot dr hala jenoudet

Doctor Hala Jenoudet has been working on an innovative new AI chatbot, Mata, that could be set to revolutionise the world of medical imaging.  

Conceived with the goals of improving healthcare in the public sector and enhancing medical professionals’ ability to efficiently diagnose and treat their patients, the Mata AI chatbot developed by Doctor Hala Jenoudet and her team in Sophia Antipolis is a pioneering tool that offers radiologists like herself “automated, accurate and multilingual support” in making targeted clinical decisions based on concise data. 

Doctor Jenoudet, the president and founder of Mata, is a graduate of Business Strategy and Finance at HEC Paris, as well as in Data Science at ESCP Paris. 

“With Mata, our ambition is to participate in improving the quality of care on a global scale. French medicine has always been a reference within the French-speaking world,” says Doctor Jenoudet. “We would like to go further. By using artificial intelligence based on natural language processing (NLP), we now have the opportunity to transcend language barriers and promote French medicine beyond the Francophonie, equal access to quality care is a fundamental value at Mata.”

This specialised AI assistant has been designed to integrate easily into hospital systems and will, she says, give radiologists more time to focus on critical tasks and spend more time in face-to-face settings with patients.  

“Our ambition is to participate in improving the quality of care on a global scale. Mata, our first innovation, will surely appear on radiological consoles everywhere,”said Doctor Jenoudet. 


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