CFM Indosuez initiates Monaco’s first solidarity finance offer

CFM Indosuez Wealth Management has inaugurated an innovative solidarity finance offer with the Oceanographic Institute that includes a donation of €130,000, 30% of which comes from investors fees.
As a precursor of responsible finance in Monaco with the first Monegasque fund dedicated to sustainable development, CFM Indosuez has created a solution aimed at the growing number of investors who wish to contribute to the energy transition and the preservation of the environment.
In collaboration with Crédit Agricole CIB, CFM Indosuez has developed a responsible and solidarity-based offer that is part of its partnership with the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, which works with people to raise awareness, convince and commit to the protection of the Ocean and its biodiversity.
As a result, the institute benefits from a donation that is made up in part by fees paid by investors (30%) and supplemented by CFM Indosuez (40%) and Crédit Agricole CIB (30%).
The CFM Indosuez Oceano offer is based on an index that is central to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and which also guarantees that the investment is directed towards financing projects linked to the ecological transition.
“The Oceanographic Institute and CFM Indosuez share a common ambition, that of a more sustainable future for the planet and the ocean,” said Oceanographic Institute CEO Robert Calcagno. “We are delighted to strengthen our partnership through responsible and solidarity-based finance, which will contribute to the deployment of our programme in favour of the poles.”
This first offer of solidarity investment by CFM Indosuez enables the Oceanographic Institute to receive a donation of €130,000 which will be allocated to its ‘Poles’ programme aimed at improving knowledge of the polar worlds and the threats to their ecosystems.
Mathieu Ferragut, CEO of CFM Indosuez, added: “We are very pleased with the enthusiasm of our clients to invest alongside us in responsible finance. We will continue this commitment in line with the Principality’s objectives. We will certainly consider new solidarity finance offers for the benefit of the Oceanographic Institute and, why not, other Monegasque associations that contribute to the protection of the planet and the ocean.”

The Oceanographic Institute, founded by Prince Albert I, has been working for over a century to protect and learn about the ocean. It has sponsored countless projects and programmes on both a national and international level in the pursuit of its mission.

Photo of Robert Calcagno and Mathieu Ferragut, credit: M. Dagnino – Oceanographic Museum of Monaco