Charles Leclerc releases song that’s surprising in more ways than one

Charles Leclerc playing the piano

Formula 1 driver, model and now musician? Monaco-born Charles Leclerc has just released a debut song, proving that his talents go far beyond those he has behind the wheel.  

Charles Leclerc may be best known for his skills being the wheel of his Ferrari, but it turns out he is a man with many other talents as well. He is actually quite a good pianist and, as such, has composed and recorded a song entitled AUS23 (1:1).  

The song, which can be found on Spotify and iTunes, comes in at just over four minutes and has a classical feel-good vibe evoking an awakening that is accompanied by pleasant-sounding strings.  

“I dare not define myself as an artist in any way… I really like playing the piano. This is how my first song was born,” said Leclerc of his debut. “I’m excited to share with you a piece made on the piano. It’s a project I was working on, born out of a passion for music and the desire to get away from the races or between one GP and another. I created this piece on the Australian GP and that’s why it’s called AUS23 (1:1). A denomination adopted with my team. I thought it was a nice connection to the world of racing.” 

Fellow driver Lewis Hamilton has long alluded to a future career in music, but with the exception of a few collaborations with pop stars, he is yet to break out as a solo artist.  

This puts Leclerc in a league of his own. His piece has risen to the Top 10 of several charts, marking him as an early success in his side-venture and certainly one of the few drivers, if not the only, to publish in the classical realm.  

To hear the song in full, click here.


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Photo source: Charles Leclerc / Instagram