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9 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Monaco on Friday, bringing the total to 42, including 1 who is now cured

Chinese-Monaco circus festivals form new bond

Chinese-Monaco circus festivals form new bond

By Cassandra Tanti - November 26, 2019

Monaco continues to strengthen ties with China, this time through its coveted circus festival. H.S.H. Princess Stephanie this week signed an agreement for the strategic cooperation between Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival and Chimelong Group, organiser of the China International Circus Festival.

The closing ceremony for the 6th China International Circus Festival was held at Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin International Circus City in south China’s Guangdong Province on 23rd November. Princess Stephanie, President of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, attended the ceremony during which signed the new agreement.

“Both China International Circus Festival and Zhuhai are each incredibly beautiful, and we are more than thrilled to sign the cooperation agreement between Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival and Chimelong Group, to drive the circus industry to the next stage of development,” Princess Stephanie said at the ceremony.

Chimelong Group Chairman Su Zhigang added, “With the strategic cooperation, Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival and Chimelong Group will jointly promote circus art and culture around the world through mutual visits and exchanges, to continuously improve the circus-going experience, bring more and better performances to audiences worldwide, and, finally, to bring joy and happiness to circus-goers.”

Over 200 performers of 24 circus troupes from 22 countries and regions performed some of the world’s most exciting circus acts at the 6th China International Circus Festival, the first time that the event was held jointly with the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

The China International Circus Festival was also attended by some of the circus industry’s most authoritative figures, including Vice President of Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival Urs Pilz, President of Firebird Productions in the USA Peter Dubinsky, Presient of International Circus Festival of Italy-Latina Fabio Montico, and Artistic Director and Chief Director of the Russian State Circus Company (Rosgoscirk) Georgy Eradze.

“Despite the many challenges facing the world’s circus sector, China’s circus market is continually developing and growing, which is proving to be a significant factor in maintaining the heritage that has been built up over centuries as well as to assuring the future developent of global circus culture,” said Peter Dubinsky.

Chimelong Group plans to continue to increase investment in circus and tourism development, making Chimelong a world-class tourist destination.

“In order to further promote the development of a circus culture worldwide, Chimelong Group will set up a circus college, allowing circus troupes from all over the world to have their best performers serve as instructors in a ‘talent exchange’,” revealed Su Zhigang.


Top photo: H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, President of Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, and Chimelong Group Chairman Su Zhigang at the closing ceremony for the 6th China International Circus Festival 

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