CHPG makes history in joining responsible food programme

The Princess Grace Hospital has become a member of the Mon Restau Responsable team, dedicating itself to serving local and seasonal products and reducing food waste.

Mon Restau Responsible, My Responsible Restaurant in English, is a free tool used by nearly 1,700 participating restaurants whose aim is to offer patrons healthy, quality and environmentally friendly cuisine.

Engaged by hospitals, schools, companies and retirement homes, Mon Restau Responsable is leading the way in supporting ecological food transitions in these facility’s catering establishments.

The Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) was the latest to become a part of the movement on 3rd March, through the support of the Department of the Environment. By becoming a member of the network, the hospital’s hope is to promote its best practices and define new areas for improvement.

Committed to a sustainable development approach for more than a decade, the Princess Grace Hospital has already implemented several actions, particularly within their catering department. The efforts carried out relate, among other things, to the choice of local and seasonal products and the sorting and reduction of waste.

In June, the hospital will take part in a public commitment session, officially marking its entry into the method. This will make it the first establishment in the Principality, and the first hospital in the PACA region, to obtain the participatory stamp.



Photo by Michael Alesi, Government Communications Department