CHPG initiates return to normality

The Princess Grace Hospital will resume emergency medical surgeries again from Monday 27th April as it transitions back to a pre-Covid system of operating.
Due to the coronavirus health crisis, the CHPG had changed its internal organisation to give priority to receiving and treating people with Covid-19 symptoms. Emergency patients were therefore received at the Principality’s other key health institutions – the Clinique Medico-Chirurgical Orthopedique de Monaco (IM2S) and the Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco (CCM). Both of these hospitals also reduced their normal activity amid the crisis to exclusively treat emergency patients.
But with only two people currently hospitalised with the virus, and only one patient in ICU, the CHPG will be back to full capacity in its emergency department on Monday.
“The CHPG and its entire medical community would like to warmly thank the IM2S and the CCM for their investment and the quality of professional relations throughout this exceptional crisis,” said the government in a statement.
The CHPG will return to providing emergency medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
During the peak of the Covid-19 virus in Monaco, a maximum of 15 people were being treated in the CHPG with four people in ICU (15th April). To date, only one resident of the Principality has died. Three other victims were patients who lived outside of Monaco but were being treated at the CHPG.