Christmas at the Marché de Monte-Carlo

Find all you need for your Christmas table, from sumptuous cheeses and fine wines to the extravagant treats of caviar, foie gras and truffles, at the Marché de Monte-Carlo this coming weekend.  

This special, one-off market is part of the Monaco town halls’ plans to revive and refresh the way the public thinks about the Principality’s marketplaces. and bring them back to the thriving community hubs that they deserve to be. 

Since September, visitors to the Marché de Monte-Carlo have enjoyed a Spanish-themed lunch replete with ochre-hued paella, blood-red sangria and other Iberian delicacies as well as a forager’s market – mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts galore – and a specialist wine and cheese event. Now Christmas festivities are in full swing and the latest Christmas-themed market day promises not to disappoint! 

In addition to the already wonderful array of regular traders onsite, the Christmas market will feature a lavish and sumptuous variety of festive food and products. The most luxurious and extravagant Christmas treats of creamy foie gras, mouth-watering salmon, glossy dishes of caviar, truffles, artisanal nougat and perfectly spiced gingerbread will all tempt the senses… Not to mention the heady and unmissable scent of traditional mulled wine that will be sure to fill the air!  

The market is taking place on Saturday 10th December from 7.30am to 1pm at 7 Avenue Saint Charles.  

Entry is free and open to everyone. 



Photo source: Katie Laine for Unsplash