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Christmas fun at the Hôtel de Paris

Christmas fun at the Hôtel de Paris

By Cassandra Tanti - December 3, 2020

In the elegant setting of the Hôtel de Paris courtyard, amongst giant palms and sparkling firs, winter “greenhouses” are offering a unique and charming experience this winter.

From now until 10th January, the ‘Christmas garden on the patio’ will feature a creative programme of activities headed by skilled professionals who are sharing their precious knowledge for this festive event.

Workshops are being held on everything from ceramics and illustrations, floral door wreaths and natural candles, to culinary lessons on making gingerbread and galette des Rois – all to be enjoyed afterwards at home.

Monaco Life was invited to a workshop for the press on Tuesday, led by the very talented SBM Pastry Chef Cédric Campanella.

Creative workshop in the Hotel de Paris, photo by Monaco Life

Inside a cosy glasshouse, with rain falling gently outside, we were instructed on how to make a beautiful chocolate Christmas tree, using a mixture of ébéne dark chocolate and bio ceiba milk chocolate, decorated with festive dried fruits and nuts.

Everything was provided, including our very own Monte-Carlo Catering aprons, while the highest health standards were maintained. It was surprisingly easy and incredibly satisfying to return home to my two young girls with my creation.

My (slightly wonky) handmade Christmas tree

But the kids don’t have to miss out. There are specific workshops designed for parents and their children.

And the best part? If your chocolate Christmas tree is too topsy turvy, or your galette de Rois is a little flat, you can just pop over to the “chalet” next door and pick up some treats that have been prepared by Chef Philippe Joannes and his team at Monte-Carlo Catering!

The 1.5-hour workshops cost 75€ per person, or 120€ for an adult and child.

There is also the possibility to reserve the greenhouse for private dinners with a 4-course Winter Gourmet Menu from 180€ per person excluding drinks.

For more details and reservations, call +377 98 06 71 71.


Main photos credit: SBM Monte Carlo




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