CID to step up support for graduates

The Graduates Integration Commission says it will be offering individualised coaching and targeted networking opportunities to Monaco graduates to help them find jobs in this post-pandemic environment.

The 11th Graduates Integration Commission (CID) meeting was held this week to present its annual report for 2020 as well as to speak about its progress thus far in 2021.

The CID is the body that aims to develop local links between students and university graduates in the Monaco public and private business landscape. It not only provides job leads but also support for young people who are looking to find a career path suited to them.

In its meeting, the CID highlighted that there was a significant increase in its activity over the last 16 months, as young people looking for jobs have been severely curtailed in their efforts due to the effects of the health crisis.

To this end, the members of the commission spoke of what they can do in the coming months, in light of economic recovery, to further integrate the youth being assisted by CID. To make this happen, they have proposed individualised coaching as well as targeted networking opportunities with potential partner companies to facilitate employers meeting possible new employees.

The 2022 theme of the commission will be ‘The professions of the future and tomorrow’, in order to highlight the professions which are currently recruiting but also those which do not yet exist and which will be followed by today’s high school students.

Photo by Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department