Clean sea kayak initiative courtesy of TAF

Photo: Facebook TAF The Animal Fund‎
TAF beach clean up in Cap d’Ail. Photo: Facebook TAF The Animal Fund‎

The Animal Fund (TAF), a Monaco-registered organisation, has reminded its supporters that the ocean and its precious marine life are in great danger from pollutants, added to by overfishing, whaling and captivity. “Rather than a problem for the future, we are all very much affected already,” TAF said.

“We must not ignore that the ocean supplies us with over 50 percent of our oxygen. By saving the ocean, we save ourselves – we must all act now,” TAF implored.

TAF has held several successful local beach clean-up initiatives, including the Plastic Pollution Campaign at Larvotto in April and, on August 3, at Plage Marquet in Cap d’Ail. Volunteers are always welcome to their events.

Photo: Facebook TAF The Animal Fund‎
Photo: Facebook TAF The Animal Fund‎

“At TAF we are optimistic, as more people than ever are becoming aware of how serious the situations is, and are doing their part to help. Yet there is still a long way to go, so we need everyone’s help to spread the message so that change can happen. The first step is awareness.”

The next TAF Ocean Clean, using kayaks and paddle boards, is on September 14, from 10 am until noon, at Plage Marquet. Sign up at: