Club Suisse de Monaco: “Can Switzerland remain neutral?”

club suisse de monaco

A geopolitical conundrum and a foundation of modern Swiss principles, the nation’s enduring neutrality is going under the lens at a special Club Suisse de Monaco dinner with humanitarian Alexandre Liebeskind in May. 

On Wednesday 17th May at 7pm in the Restaurant Horizon of the Fairmont Monte-Carlo, Swiss national Alexandre Liebeskind will be drawing on his own experiences in the world of peacemaking and diplomacy to take on the complicated subject of Switzerland’s neutrality, exploring “the threats, opportunities and realities around the confederation staying neutral”. 

“Originally imposed after Napoleon’s wars, Switzerland’s neutrality evolved as the country realised it had more to contribute to humanity by acting as an impartial intermediary than by joining wars,” writes the Club Suisse de Monaco on its website, “but the very notion of neutrality is challenged whenever global powers deem they are leading just wars… Now, with the war in Ukraine polarising world powers, neutrality is seen as veiled sympathy for Russia by NATO and its allies… As the conflict comes closer to home, neutrality is again being challenged within Switzerland itself. Some consider it cowardice. Others see it as vital – or contrary – to the nation’s interest.” 

As “there is no absolute truth in ethical dilemmas”, a question-and-answer session will complement Liebeskind’s discourse on the topic.  

Andreas Maager, the Consul General of Switzerland in Marseille, will be attending the event, which is open to members and non-members alike for €145, including a three-course meal.  

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Photos courtesy of Club Suisse de Monaco