Club Suisse welcomes German politician Julia Klöckner

The Club Suisse de Monaco recently invited former German government minister Julia Klöckner to speak on a variety of relevant topics, including the effects of rising inflation in the Euro zone and the dependence on Russian gas and oil imports. 

The Suisse Club de Monaco recently hosted an event featuring a big name in German politics as headliner, speaking on “Inflation, Sovereign Debt and Military Conflict in Ukraine – the Economy in Turmoil”, followed by a group lunch which included the International German Club of Monaco.

The speaker was none other than Julia Klöckner, who served under long-time Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2018-2021 as the German Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Production.

As economic policy spokeswoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party’s parliamentary group as well as federal treasurer of the CDU, Mrs. Klöckner pointed out the economic interdependence with foreign countries, the development and effects of rising inflation in the Euro zone as well as the dependence on Russian gas and oil imports. Afterwards, there was an intensive discussion about the effects of the military conflict in Ukraine.

The important and serious topic garnered much attention and a lively discussion ensued.

Lest it be thought she is all work and no play, Klöckner, the daughter of winemakers, first hit headlines in Germany when she was selected to be the German Wine Queen of 1995. The Wine Queen represents the wine industry in the country and has the support of two “princesses” who together form Germany’s Wine Ambassadors for a term of one year.


Photo from left to right: Dr. Arik Röschke (President Club Suisse de Monaco), Julia Klöckner, Beatrix Baronne von Dellingshausen (Co-President Club Allemand International de Monaco)