Collaborative ballet unveiled: Pavillon Bosio, dance students, and Greek artist Elias Lazaridis join forces

For the first time, guest Greek choreographer Elias Lazaridis has teamed up with Pavillon Bosio art students and Princess Grace Academy dancers to create and perform a new ballet, which was unveiled during the March Imprevus.

The Pavillon Bosio has collaborated with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (BMC) for over a decade now, with young scenographers designing the set for a ballet created by one of the company’s dancers. This year, as the BMC was on tour, Pavillon Bosio teamed up with the Princess Grace Academy instead, which commissioned Greek choreographer Elias Lazaridis to create a piece for 20 of their young dancers. The piece, entitled ‘Fly’, was unveiled during the Imprevus, from 7th to 10th March.

In explaining the creation of ‘Fly’, Elias Lazaridis told Monaco Life, “I always admired looking at things from a different perspective, especially from a distance or even better from above, and understanding the world and myself in it from a more holistic point of view; being more aware and connected with my surroundings but also adaptable and resilient.

“Fly is a choreographic work that results from a process of physical and mental malleability. The dancers are shifting their attention from individual to collective, building a well-refined net of over-layered connections, creating a sense of collectivity and playfulness. Through guided imagery and various choreographic ideas, we encouraged the dancers to be more adaptable and transformative, requiring significant creativity and resourcefulness.”

A scene from Fly, Imprevus. Source: Pavillon Bosio

The Imprevus audience were indeed exposed to an incredible creation, in which the dancer’s fluid movements merged with colourful, malleable sci-fi choreography, inviting viewers to fly with them to a faraway place.

Students creating together

The Imprevus were created by Jean-Christophe Maillot, Director of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, as a unique behind-the-scenes experience where the public is in close contact with the dancers and choreographers. It is an opportunity to discover the creative process.

For the choreography of ‘Fly’, students of Pavillon Bosio took charge of all aspects of the ballet choreography: staging, sound and lighting, costumes, and video projection. The young choreographers and dancers counted on the assistance of guest choreographer Elias Lazaridis, Luca Masala, Maïder Fortuné, and Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy, teachers at the Pavillon Bosio, Dominique Drillot, set designer, and the exceptional participation of 20 young talented Academy students. To help prepare for the project, the students participated in preliminary meetings with choreographers, dancers, critics, and set designers.

“This newly created piece will debut at the Salle Garnier in June 2024 for the Academy Gala, a special annual event, a unique stage experience, where the young dancers showcase their talent and achievements,” said Luca Masala.

Students performing Fly on a set designed by the Pavillon Bosio students, photo source: Pavillon Bosio

About Choreographer Elias Lazaridis

Elias Lazaridis was born in Kavala, Greece, in 1981, and began training in classical ballet when he was eight. A talented athlete, Elias participated in international competitions, winning 400m hurdle events. He studied architecture in Athens, but his passion for dance was more potent, so he continued training at the State School of Dance in Athens.

The dancer worked part-time for the Greek National Opera and adLibdances / Kat Válastur. In 2014, Elias danced in Shell Shock, an opera by Nicholas Lens, Nick Cave, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, to commemorate the Great War. Later, he collaborated as a dancer on the operas Les Indes Galantes (2016) and Satyagraha (2017), both under the direction of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. With Cherkaoui, he worked at GöteborgsOperans Danskompani as a choreographic assistant (Noetic, 2014) and performer (Icon, 2016).

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Main photo by Celina Lafuente de Lavotha for Monaco Life