Colombian Artist Juan Carlo Callejas exhibition at CREM

Until June 5th, CREM will present the exhibition ‘Convergences’ by Colombian artist Juan Carlos Callejas in collaboration with the Association Monegasque Iberoamericaine (AMI). 

By attending and acquiring artworks, visitors can not only appreciate the art but also make a tangible contribution to AMI’s ongoing projects in Latin America, as a portion of the proceeds from the art sales will be donated to support their initiatives.

Juan Carlos Callejas, an influential artist born in 1979 in Cali, Colombia, and currently based in Berlin, Germany, has dedicated his life and work to reflecting his hometown’s vibrant streets and dynamic culture. His profound passion for art and philosophy has been the driving force behind his creative endeavours.

Having delved into the representation of the human figure in an urban environment from an early age, Callejas’ artwork, characterised by vibrant and diverse techniques, narrates the stories of people, their connections, and the rich tapestry of life found on the corners of Cali’s streets. His work has garnered international acclaim and has been displayed in prestigious art galleries and exhibitions across Spain, the United States, Portugal, China, Qatar, and now the Principality of Monaco.

Artworks by Juan Carlos Callejas exibited at CREM May 29th through June 5th, 2024, photo credit: AudePhotoGraph

The centrepiece of the exhibition, ‘Convergences’, offers an immersive experience that transcends mere visual observation. It beckons the audience to explore the interplay between observing the world and crafting our own reality. Through everyday scenes from Berlin, Colombia, and other locations, Callejas magnifies the profundity of the simple and mundane, unveiling the enigma that underpins the ordinary and shapes our existence. With masterful craftsmanship, diverse materials, and contemporary painting techniques, he underscores the depth and intricacy of human experience. The exhibition is a universal exploration of the human dilemma, transcending cultural, geographical, and social confines.

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Main photo of Juan Carlos Callejas credit AudePhotoGraph