Colon cancer: second biggest killer in men, third for women

March is colon cancer awareness month and the Princess Grace Hospital Centre is inviting people over the age of 50 to come in and get tested. It takes only five minutes, it is free, and it could save lives.

There are 43,000 new colorectal cancer cases and 18,000 deaths each year in France, making it the second biggest cancer killer in men and the third biggest for women.

Since 2006, the month of March has been dedicated to raising colon cancer awareness for the prevention and screening of this disease. The prognosis of the patient depends on many factors, primarily what stage the disease has progressed to. Fortunately, it can be prevented thanks to screening for pre-cancerous lesions, which also allows for early therapeutic management when cancer is detected.

The Department of Social Affairs and Health, the Principality’s health professionals, the Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) and the Monegasque Screening Centre, have joined together in the Blue March campaign to mobilise on several fronts.

They are sending out a blanket letter, asking all men and women between 50 and 80 years of age with Monegasque insurance to be screened. The kit is available at the Monegasque Screening Centre located at the CHPG, from an attending physician, or can be requested from the Office of Occupational Medicine during a periodic medical visit.

Once performed, the test is to be returned to the Monegasque Screening Centre or sent by post free of charge in a pre-identified envelope to the Biology Laboratory of the Princess Grace Hospital.

Results will be sent to attending doctors within a week. If the test is negative, it is recommended that another be taken in two year’s time. If it is positive, the attending physician will be informed directly in order to set up the necessary procedures.

For questions about colon cancer screening, contact the Monegasque Screening Centre on +377 97 98 83 02.