Communiqué of the Directorate for the Development of Digital Uses

Watching TV

The free universal television service of 18 channels will stop on March 25, 2019.

To continue to benefit from a free television service at the outlet and enjoy more than 80 channels, you must switch to the Free Digital Service, the Monaco government has announced.

Watching TV
Photo: Flickr

If your TV is connected to a Monaco Telecom Box TV, no changes or settings are to be made.

If your TV is not connected to a Monaco Telecom Box TV and is connected directly to a wall socket, you must check that you are in the correct receiving mode.

The channels will stop gradually from January 14 on the network will disappear completely on March 25, 2019. If you see an information banner or a sight on some channels, you must make changes.

If your TV is compatible with DVB-C format:

You must search (manually or automatically) channels in DVB-C mode (cable) to switch to Free Digital Service.

If your TV is not compatible with DVB-C, you can equip yourself with:

– DVB-C decoder (Monaco Telecom offers the Denver decoder in its shops for €49).
– DVB-C compatible TV
– Monaco Telecom box