Council accepting scholarships applications

The National Council is now accepting applications for its Study Grants programme from now until 15th September.
In the elections of February 2018, the National Council pledged to have 50% more money available for scholarships, and good to their word, they have opened up the application process for these grants.
Eligible Monegasque students can now benefit from more assistance with tuition fees for higher education at certain schools. In principle, at the participating institutions, the state can offer grants based on tuition fees ranging from 40% to 100% coverage depending on the student’s needs.
A full list of these institutions can be found on the government website, and include such top flight schools as École Polytechnique, Harvard, Oxford, École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Cambridge, Princeton and Yale.
The initial application forms must be submitted by 15th September, though they may be submitted incomplete if there is information not yet available to the applicant. Any missing documentation must be filed by 1stMarch 2021 in order to properly calculate the amount of the scholarship. After this date, the grants will be given out at a “flat-rate allowance” with a 25% penalty for Monegasques and their spouses. All other requests will be cancelled.
The application form and requirements are available online here.
For the complete list of institutions of higher learning that can be applied for, follow the link here.