Covid, controls and the economy

Travellers arriving from non-Schengen and “high risk” countries may be screened for Covid-19 upon entering the Principality, according to a report from the latest Joint Monitoring Committee meeting.

The government and the National Council met on 15th July to discuss the most recent developments with regard to the pandemic and how it is affecting Monaco. The health situation remains stable with few new cases and no new hospitalisations connected to the Covid virus for the last several weeks.

The committee also recapped the results of the extra sessions of the screening campaign that ended on 14thJuly. Including those tested in the four remedial sessions, a total of 38,209 employees and residents were screened. Any further testing will now be taken over by medical professionals and pharmacies in the Principality.

Protocols for visitors coming from outside Schengen or from higher risk areas was discussed and a report from a “health/science expert” is expected within the week. Once the recommendations are reviewed, the government will lay out the plan for testing and procedures linked to these travellers when they arrive in Monaco. 

The ongoing battle over mask wearing by visitors was also touched upon. Members of the Council alerted the government that non-compliance was rife, particularly in car parks, notably at the Parking des Pêcheurs. The government has vowed to take a special look at this issue.

The economy then took over the meeting with the social plan announced in light of the recent layoffs at MonacAir, a review of the first meeting of CARE and the general resumption of activities.

The final words revolved around the agreement between the Council and the government to postpone the proposed free bus tests until September 2021.

The next meeting is to be held on 28th July.

Photo: Monaco’s Port Hercule by Monaco Life, all rights reserved