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138 Covid cases 26 Jan, 62 hospitalised - 43 res, 2 in ICU, 365 home monitored, 7,370 recoveries, 46 deaths, 2,157 incidence rate, 70% vaccinated

Covid death tolls reaches 37 in Principality

Covid death tolls reaches 37 in Principality

By Stephanie Horsman - December 20, 2021

The announcement of the passing of a 97-year-old Monaco resident on Sunday brings the total death toll in the Principality to 37. Meanwhile, the number of ICU patients is on the rise.

The relentless Covid virus continues its march, adding an additional 20 cases on Sunday to the 120 from the previous two days and clocking up another death.

A 97-year-old resident who was confirmed to have tested positive for Covid has died, bringing the total number of those who have succumbed to the disease to 37.

The government is using this time as a reminder to all to get vaccinated, as the jab offers the most effective solution to protect oneself and others from the worst effects of the virus, thus preventing hospitalisations and deaths. The vaccination centre is taking all those eligible for first or second doses and, since 9th November, those over 18 are able to get their booster as well.

As of Sunday, the total number of residents who have contracted the virus since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 4,406. There are currently 18 patients being treated at the Princess Grace Hospital for Covid. Twelve people, six residents included, are in hospital, whilst six more, including two residents are in intensive care (ICU), a high number for Monaco.

Another benchmark of the seriousness of this latest wave is the current number of patients being looked after by the Home Monitoring Centre, which medically supports those who have contracted a milder form of the virus and are able to remain at home. There are 260 people being followed by the centre.

28 more people have recovered fully, bringing that number to 4,073.

The Alpes-Maritimes region

The Omicron variant, which is quickly becoming the dominant strain of Covid in France and Monaco, is a fast spreader, but so far has shown itself to be a milder form of the disease in many, but not all, people. Thus, two doses of the jab are encouraged to prevent severe disease, with boosters playing a large role in keeping the already inoculated healthier.

Monaco’s vaccination rate stands at about 65%, with almost 50,000 doses having been administered. By contrast, the Alpes-Maritimes region has 74.6% of its population double vaxed.

According to the latest French figures, 30.4% of the population in France have also received their booster shot.




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