Covid-free run ends

After 11 days with no additional coronavirus cases, tests on the weekend confirmed one new patient has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the Principality.
Up until Saturday 9th May, Monaco had marked 11 days of being coronavirus free amid the lifting of the lockdown on Monday 4th May.
This new positive brings the total number of people to have been officially infected with Covid-19 in the Principality to 96.
Of these patients, 82 have been given the all-clear, while one remains hospitalised at the Princess Grace Hospital intensive care unit.
As is the case throughout much of the world, only highly symptomatic patients with Covid-19 are hospitalised in Monaco. Currently, five patients showing mild symptoms of the disease are being treated by the Home Monitoring Centre.
Four people have died at the Prince Grace Hospital since the epidemic began. One of those was a resident of the Principality.
Monaco’s lifting of the lockdown is determined by the success of each stage of its three-phase plan. Phase one began on Monday 4th May with the reopening of all retail stores, well-being services, the Port of Monaco and workplaces.
Phase two begins on Monday 11th May and includes the partial return of students to schools in the Principality (non-mandatory).
If the first two stages proceed as planned without any major increase in the health situation, the government will consider on a case-by-case basis the reopening of restaurants and coffee shops, gaming rooms, exhibition halls, theatres and cinemas, beaches and swimming pools, gyms and sporting institutions, giving priority to those with outdoor activities.