Covid hospitalisations on the rise in Monaco

The number of severe Covid cases has risen again in Monaco, with 46 people now being treated for the virus at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, 10 more than the previous week.

The health department’s latest figures show that, in the weekend ending Sunday 11th December, the Principality registered 177 new cases of Covid-19 among its residents. That figure is less than the 210 recorded the previous week, however the number of hospitalisations is on the rise.

The number of severe Covid cases – those being treated at hospital – has jumped from 10, to 38, to 48 in the space of just two weeks, and the majority, 36, of those live in the Principality.

Meanwhile, three non-residents are in intensive care.

There are currently 73 residents who have tested positive and are self-isolating in their homes, with the support of the Home Monitoring Centre.

The incidence rate in Monaco dropped to 452, compared to 536 previous week, but 20% of all PCR and antigen tests conducted in Monaco are still coming back positive.

In an effort to contain the circulation of Covid in Monaco, as well as all winter viruses like the flu and bronchiolitis, the government is now recommending people wear masks on public transport.

In the neighbouring Alpes Maritimes department, the incidence rate is high at 753, while 27% of all Covid tests are positive. ICU capacity in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur is at 24%.


Photo by Monaco Life