Covid latest: Health situation stabilises in region

Covid-19 has lessened its grip on Monaco and the entire region, with weekly numbers continuing a downward slide. Here are the latest figures from the health department.

Perhaps it is the heat, maybe it’s due to people being in the open air, or it could be that it’s just good luck, but for whatever reason, the Covid virus’s presence is lessening.

Last week in Monaco, official figures from the government show that there were a mere 92 new cases reported with only 53 being followed by the Home Monitoring Centre, the agency that supports those with milder symptoms of the disease and who are asked to remain at home.

There are now 11 people, including five residents, in hospital, with two of those in intensive care.

The number of PCR or antigen tests carried out last week sat at 1,154 with a positivity rate of 18.78%. The incidence rate – the number of positive patients based on a factor of 100,000 – fell to 235, compared to 298 the previous week.

In the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) department, the picture is similar, with 419 new cases being reported in the Alpes-Maritimes. PACA saw 11 new patients in ICU, bringing the number to 78, and 17% of them were in intensive care.

The incidence rate in Alpes-Maritimes is now 397, with a test positivity rate of 20.2%.

The overwhelming variant remains the BA4 and BA5 of the Omicron variety, accounting for nearly 91% of all new cases.