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3 Covid cases 13 May, 2 in ICU, 15 home monitored, 2,428 recoveries, 32 deaths, 57 incidence rate, 36% population vaccinated

Critical situation as Monaco faces a “rebound of the epidemic”

Critical situation as Monaco faces a “rebound of the epidemic”

By Cassandra Tanti - January 10, 2021

The curfew has been brought forward to 7pm and restaurants will no longer be able to open in the evening, in a new round of restrictions designed to pull the Principality back from a record high in Covid cases.

The number of daily coronavirus infections has increased significantly in the Principality, peaking recently at 40. This has led to an increase in the incidence rate which now stands at 410 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate (number of positive cases compared to the number of people tested) is now 7.44% compared to 3.5% previously.

As a result, the number of patients hospitalised in Monaco reached a new high of 19 on Saturday, while there are currently nine critical patients in intensive care – the maximum seen since the pandemic began. On the night of 6th January, an 82-year-old resident with Covid-19 died, becoming the Principality’s fifth victim.

Meanwhile, 117 people are being home monitored.

Faced with these figures, the government confirmed in a statement on Saturday that Monaco is facing a “rebound in the epidemic”.

After discussions with the National Council, the government has decided to bring the curfew forward one hour to 7pm. That means all shops, restaurants, casinos and cultural institutions must close their doors by this time and residents should have returned to their homes.

Only the usual exemptions will remain – travel related to professional activity, education or training, for medical reasons, for pressing family reasons, to assist vulnerable people or childcare, or brief outings for pets.

This order will come into force on Monday 11th January and last until Wednesday 27th January.


Photo by Monaco Life



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