Daniel Mulhall goes “Around the World” with Yeats and Joyce

daniel mulhall

In May, the Princess Grace Irish Library will host former Irish diplomat Danial Mulhall, who will be looking back over his 44 years of telling Ireland’s story using W.B. Yeats and James Joyce.  

When fiction and reality collide, it makes for a heady brew. This will most certainly be the case when Daniel Mulhall, a former diplomat who held ambassadorial posts in Berlin, London and Washington, tells how he spent 44 years revealing the nature, identity and long literary history of his country via the works of two renowned Irish authors.  He also published his own book, Ulysses – A Reader’s Odyssey, in 2022. 

The one-night-only event is being held at the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco on Wednesday 10th May. Entitled “Around the World with W.B. Yeats and James Joyce: A Diplomatic Odyssey”, Mulhall will tie in his nation’s modern history with that of the past, drawing on literary references to explain the complexities of the people, places and events that shaped, and continue to shape, Ireland.  

“Mulhall’s deployment of Joyce and Yeats around the world is a masterly example of exercising ‘soft power’ on behalf of Ireland,” says Ted Smyth, a former diplomat and business leader familiar with Mulhall. “Ireland might not have a large security force, but it does have an army of fabulous writers, poets, musicians, and artists who, with our talented diplomats, enable Ireland to punch above its weight in the international arena. Mulhall cleverly decodes all 18 episodes of James Joyce’s famous book while also providing personal and funny insights.”  

The lecture will take place at 7pm. It will be animated by actors from the Monaco-Ireland Arts Society, who will do dramatic readings of works by Yeats and Joyce. For more information, please click here


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Photo source: Princess Grace Irish Library