Day 1 of Covid testing blitz

The government has begun testing people without symptoms as part of efforts to manage Covid-19 in the Principality. If successful, Monaco will have likely achieved the highest testing coverage of all countries in the world.
Residents in Monaco with surnames starting with the letters A and B were invited to the Grimaldi Forum and Espace Léo Ferré to have the voluntary blood tests, which were being taken by both health professionals and members of the Monaco Red Cross.
“Good organisation, mobilisation of the resident population and responsibility of all in the implementation of the social distancing measures defined the first hours of the launch of the of screening campaign in the two centres designed for the occasion,” said the government as it shared pictures of the testing sites on social media. “Our images show a process in a serene and professional atmosphere. A big congratulations to all.”

Monaco aims to eventually test 90,000 residents and employees of the Principality. If a significant number of the population, which sits at just over 38,600, agree to take the voluntary blood test, Monaco will have achieved the most successful Covid-19 testing programme in the world.

Currently, Iceland continues to test far more of its population for coronavirus than any other country, with 167 tests per 1,000 according to figures by Our World Data published on 18th May. Other countries to have a strong testing regime include Estonia (53 per 1,000), Italy (50), Norway (40) and Switzerland (39).
Photos: © Communication Branch / Michael Alesi